Skrillex releases new music video for ‘Ceremony’: Watch

Skrillex has just released a new music video for his track ‘Ceremony’ featuring Yung Lean and Bladee from his newest album ‘Don’t Get Too Close’.
The music video for ‘Ceremony’ was just released and follows the triplet of artists around the world, focusing on their time in Bangkok, Thailand and uses colorful imagery and takes the viewer along intimate moments of Skrillex as he performs, dines with friends and walks about the beautiful city. In addition to the official music video, roughly one week ago, Skrillex released an official “visualizer” to go along with the track.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month and a half, Skrillex has just had one of the most tremendous returns in history. He’s dropped two albums, one entitled Quest for Fire, a showcase of an album that not only shows what Skrillex has been conjuring up the past few years but completely revolutionizes bass music as we know it from the master himself. Some of the features on QFF include Fred Again…, Four Tet, Missy Elliott, and Mr. Oizo, and josh pan. His second album, ‘Don’t Get Too Close’ is another momentous album pushing the boundaries of pop music and electronic music. ‘Don’t Get Too Close’ features artists such as Justin Bieber, Kid Cudi, Swae Lee, Four Tet, and Bibi Bourelly.

Despite the monster releases, Skrillex also just performed two historic shows in New York City last weekend with pals and fellow collaborators Four Tet and Fred Again… One right in the middle of Times Square out of an old school bus, and the other, a massive 5-hour set at Madison Square Garden.

Watch the full music video at this link here.

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