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Skrillex Merch - Net Worth

Between his work in the electronic dance music industry and being a record producer for some of the biggest names in music, Skrillex has amassed a large amount of money for himself. It has been reported that Skrillex’s net worth is currently at least $70 million in cash.

Much of this net worth that he has earned over the years has been from his success as an electronic music DJ, his collaboration with other EDM artists, and his record label. While the dollar amount he is worth has changed over the years, it is clear that he has been one of the top-ranked electronic music DJs in the world.

Skrillex Merch

Skrillex’s Career

In 2004, he joined the band From First to Last as the lead vocalist, although he was originally supposed to be a rhythm guitarist. With this band he appeared on two of their albums before he left the band to go solo.

After releasing his songs on various social media platforms, and then later began showcasing his music in various clubs around Los Angeles. Between his albums and his various signings with bands such as mau5trap and deadmau5, he became extremely popular.

Having been on the EDM scene since he was about 16 years old, Skrillex has become an extremely popular performer. Between his solo career, his collaboration with other artists, and his record label, Skrillex is easily one of the most influential electronic artists of all time.

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